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Teison Portable EV Charger 8amp+

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Portable Charger 8amp which can be increased to 16amp if required.

Safety packed

2 years Warranty

Every EV owner needs a portable charger in the frunk or truck for those un planned events.

Fits all EVs from 2018 onwards ( Type 2 )

Works on all EV’s built after 2018

2 years warranty and loads of protection including – Surge protection, leakage protection, over current protection, under current protection, short circuit protection and over hart protection…. That’s a lot of protection!!

Model TS-PEC-003
Electrical Properties
Voltage 230V AC±10%
Max Output Current 16A(6/8/10/13/16 Optional)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Max Output Power 3.5kw
Residual current protection 30mA as default 6mA is optional
Structure Design
LED Indicator 5 Indicators
Charging Outlet TYPE1/2 4.5M charging cable
Power incoming line 0.7M
Total cable length >5M
Housing Material PC+GF10%
Front Panel PC
Security Protection
Safety Standard IEC/EN 61000-6-1:2019;EN 61000-6-3:2007+AI;IEC61000-6-1:2016;
IEC 61000-6-3:2006+A1;CISPR 14-1:2016;IEC/EN62752:2016+A1
Multiple Protection Over/Under voltage protection,Surge protection,
Over temperature protection,Over current protection,
Leakage Protection,Short circuit protection,EFT Protection
Warranty 1 year
Environmental Performance
Working temperature -30℃-+50℃
Working humidity 5%-95%.No condensation
Protection Level (control box) IP65
Altitude ≤2000m
Application Site Indoor/Outdoor
Cooling Method Natural cooling
Packing Details
Product Size 180*81*45mm


ev charger box


☆  Adjustable Current

Customers could adjust different current as their request. Also the charger which equipped the adaptor could automatically identify different plug types and control the current upper limit to keep safe.

☆  Automatically Intelligent Repaid

The smart chip is equipped to automatically repair common charging errors. It could also restart the power to protect the device from stopping charge caused by voltage fluctuation.

☆  IP65, Rolling-resistance

Rugged shell which could resist the rolling and crash of the car. IP65 ensure the perfect work outdoors in any environment including rain and snow.

☆  Temperature Monitoring

Real-time monitor is equipped to detect the temperature of the car-end and the wall-end plugs.

Once the temperature is detected above 95℃, the current will be cut off immediately. When the temperature returns below 65℃, charging will resume.

☆  Battery Protection

Accurate monitoring of PWM signal changes, Effective repair of capacitor units, Maintenance of battery life.

☆  High Compatibility

Fit for all EVs in the market.


Please read the equipment manual carefully before use and take care the following situations:

▷Do not submerge the charger in water.

▷Do not operate the charger beyond the working temperature ranger or in extremely humid environments.

▷Do not use an external heat source to dry the charger, or insert foreign objects such as cotton swabs or paper towels into the charging port.

▷Do not use when the equipment and cables are found to be damaged.

▷Do not use the device for charging in addition to electric vehicles.

▷The precautions for use include but are not limited to those listed above. Any safety hazards you are not sure, please contact after-sales service.


Charger Brand



Audi, Audi e-tron, BMW, BYD, Cupra, Fiat, Ford, Genesis, Hyundai, Kia, LDV, Lexus, Mercedes, MG, Mini, Mustang, Peaugot, Polestar, Porsche, Tesla, Volvo, VW

Car Model

3, 4, Atto 3, Born, c40 recharge, Cayenne Hybrid, Coope se, Dolphon, e208, e500, eDelivery 9, ePartner, EQA, EQB, EQC, EQS, eT60, etron, EV6, EV9, GS EV, GV70, i4, i7, ID3, ID4, Ionic 5, ix, ix3, Kona, Mach e, Model 3, Model S, Model X, Model Y, Niro, RZ, Seal, Taycan, XC40




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